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We're ready! If you are a resident of Tennessee, we'll find you the best homeowners insurance!

If you quickly want a rate for homeowners insurance (and you're a Tennessee resident), just click on our QUOTE NOW button. We'll get a little information from you and we'll have a competitive rate back to you by EMAIL or phone within 48 hours. Thanks for letting us quote your homeowners or renters insurance!


Here are a few of the important value added features of what we offer you:


Because we are an independent insurance agency, we can find the company that best suits your property insurance needs whether you live in the city or the country. Coverage with true guaranteed replacement value endorsements and coverage with limited replacement value endorsement are available. You have a choice!
Discounts for newer homes, smoke detector discounts, fire and burglar alarm discounts, discounts for multiple policies (auto and home) and deductible discounts. Plus we'll save you $$ if you are a "mature homeowner." Flood insurance products available - at very affordable rates!
Specialized programs for high value homes. Call for rates! Save money by putting both your auto and homeowners coverage with us.
Licensed and experienced Customer Service Agents.

If you have special needs such as boat coverage, jet skis, recreational vehicles or motorcycles, we can help! E-mail, FAX us or call us! We're the ones who say "if it can be insured, we can insure it .... and we service it too!" Your situation is no exception.

Benton's Blog

Credit Cards That Offer Rental Car Insurance Benefits! 

We get the question consistently: “Am I covered if I rent a car?”  The usual answer is YES if you rent in the US.  If you rent outside the US, then most likely NO applies.  The solution to the NO answers could be with your credit card if you have one.    Credit cards offer versatility to your lifestyle.  Many cards offer a variety of rewards, one being the rental car insurance benefit. This benefit can save you money every time you rent a car because it provides a free collision damage...

3 Times You Should Definitely Buy the Extra Insurance—and a Few Times You Can Skip It!

We have great questions from customers quite often asking if the insurance they have acquired from us covers this or that etc.  We do our best to answer those questions – some easy – some not!  We offer some of the coverage’s that you need but there are times, we’ll refer them to other sources for specialty types of coverage’s as mentioned in this blog article.  Let’s discuss some of the most asked questions from the insurance needing public: Pet Insurance Buy it. “It’s heartbreaking to watch...

7 Questions to Consider When Renewing Your Home Insurance...

If you own a house, homeowner’s insurance is a necessity. Not only do you need it to protect your home and possessions against damage and theft, your mortgage lender will also require that you carry it if you have a loan on your home. It’s not enough to simply have coverage, you need to have the right coverage. We ALWAYS suggest that it is a good time to review your policy is when it comes up for renewal annually.  Of course, we do it for you here at Benton White Insurance. Insurance companies...