File A Claim - We can handle it!

We hope you are OK! So sorry that the inconvenience of a claim is before you but for us, this is one of our KEY RESPONSIBILITIES to you. We'll handle it! Here are some 'ClaimSolve' solutions for a quick resolution to your unfortunate claim.

Claim Solve #1

You may want to report your claim "directly" to your specific insurance company claim center. They are available any time - day or night! Just choose the company's toll free number that provides your coverage. This is usually the FASTEST way to report a claim and get the process started. CLICK HERE for our insurance company CLAIM directory!

Claim Solve #2

You can complete one of our claim forms ONLINE which will be E-mailed directly to us. We will confirm receipt by E-mail or regular mail. CLICK BELOW for the claim form that you need.

Claim Solve #3

Call us! You can reach us by clicking HERE. This will take you to our full information contact form that will give you all of the best ways to contact us. In this fast paced world, this 3rd option may be a little "old fashioned" to some but we are happy to discuss any claim matter with you. Our office hours are 9AM CST until 4:00PM CST Monday - Friday.

You have IMMEDIATE responsibilities AFTER a claim or loss.
Let us outline these to you:

If you experience an AUTO claim or loss:

  • You must promptly notify your insurance company of the circumstances along with any names, and addresses of witnesses and injured parties.
  • Promptly notify the police if a hit and run driver was involved.
  • Promptly notify the police if your auto was stolen.
  • Take reasonable steps to protect the auto and it's equipment from further damage. The insurance company will pay for reasonable expenses to do this.

Your insurance policy will contain other duties, such as but not limited to cooperating with the insurance company and its investigation, promptly turning over copies of legal notices, etc. See your policy for a complete listing of all of your duties.

If you experience a PROPERTY claim or loss:

  • You must promptly notify your insurance company of the circumstances and details of the loss.
  • You must notify the police if there was a theft.
  • You must notify the credit card or fund transfer companies in case of a loss involving credit cards or transfer cards.
  • You must protect the property from further loss. Make reasonable repairs necessary to protect the property from further loss and keep and accurate record of repair expenses.
  • Keep the damaged property for inspection by the insurance company's representative.

Your insurance policy will contain other duties, such as but not limited to preparing an inventory of damaged items, providing the insurance company with records and documents they request, submitting to examination under oath, filing a sworn proof of loss statement, etc. See your policy for a complete listing of all of your duties.

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